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Entering your band & or personal data into our data base is a free service. We do not sell or use your data or email address. We can provide you with email address for our site.

Once you upload your data if you would like to have your own media page with a radio player or your music and your photos click here.

Do not use any profanity or inappropriate language or images.

We reserve to right to delete any and all accounts that do not follow our code of conduct.

We will also block your IP address from our website if you span us or fail to adhere to our code of conduct.


We do record all IP addresses for security purposes.

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Your profile image should be 350px Wide by 250 px High.


Our Code Of Conduct

Do not post,add/upload material that is unrelated to Remember That Band website.

Do not post,add/upload material that is about activities that are illegal or fraudulent.

Do not post,add/upload material that violates any person’s privacy, such as releasing personal information about others, such as email, address, phone numbers…

Do not post,add/upload material and/or content that: is hateful, threatening, libelous, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence;harassment of any individual or entity.

Please contact us for feedback or to report violations of this Code of Conduct.