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The Nu' Rons
Home Town
Salem NJ
Rudolph Gibson, Raymond Gibson, Daryll Gibson, Charles Bateman and Otho Bteman. Born and raised in Salem, New Jersey, the Nurons have been singing and performing together for over 40 years. Starting at a young age, the Nurons has traveled across the country performing and opening for some of the biggest acts in the business, such as Gladys Night and The Pips, Kool and The Gang, The Spinners, Patti Labelle, Blue Magic, and many more. Originally a 4 member group, but Raymond Gibson, the showman of the group and brother of lead Daryl Howard died in 2005. The Nurons have worked with such notable producers and writers such as Manny Campbell, Tom Bell, and Gamble and Huff. Recorded in studios, Sigma Sound (Phila PA.), and Mercury Sound Studio (New York). The Nu-Rons are said to be one of the best groups out of the Philly/Jersey soul music scene at that time, releasing several 45's in the 70's including the rare classics "All My Life", "I'm A Loner", and "Disco Hustle".
Gary Skinner, Nathaniel Richardson, Charles Bateman, Daryl Gibson and Monroe Thompson
Musical Genres
Band Names
The Devotions, The Nu'rons
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